Saturday, April 2, 2011

Classic Skate mag ads..

This is just hyper nostalgia. Good times back in the day, drooling over every page of thrasher or Transworld. Getting to the end of the mag and just starting right again.. a lot of these can be found in the epic book of Jim Phillips artwork that i've blogged about several times.  25 years of skating.. yikes.. it hurts SO much more now when i slam. enjoy a shred of my past.

Guerrero made us all feel tons better about not having a vert ramp available.. he was pretty much the first "street skater".. him and gonz.

Variflex was crap btw.. they sold their shitty decks to toys r us and stores like that around 1986.. these ads stopped appearing in mags by 87.
I stole these wheels featured in the ad above from the skate shop i worked at in high school.. "wheels of wellesley".. my boss, a real cool guy, Brian, caught me and brushed it off like it was nothing. I still feel guilty 25 years later.  but i was broke and i needed some ramp wheels!!

dang.. i remember this corey obrien ad above.. i remember that ALL I WANTED was a little run down house like this with a mini ramp in back. life was simple.

I used to copy this witch doctor guy in this ad above.. it's when i was first was getting into art.  i used a character similar to this Jim Phillips dude in my new film just this year!  AND below.. had to post this one.. Jim phillips, rob roskopp designs got me through high school.


  1. Nothing compares to the feeling I got the first time I thumbed through a Thrasher issue in 1986. It was like being transported to another world. I don't know how many times I drew the Vision Psycho Stick character, but I'm sure it worried my parent.s

  2. those rags were like a mystical portal showing all those awesome west coast skate parks we never had on the right coast back in the 80's. i tore out so many ads from thrasher and transworld and put 'em up wall to wall. i miss my alva bill danforth with tracker ultra lights and hard-as-hell bullets.

  3. yeah man! it's funny how so many of us are a product of this culture!