Wednesday, April 6, 2011

John William Godward Females..

What can I say.. I'm a fan of the female figure. The English Neo-Classical painter John William Godward (1861-1922) painted some of the greatest female nudes of his time ... Godwards (and most of the neo-classical) style of painting fell out of style when modern art became big. Godward committed suicide at the age of 61, in his suicide note he wrote that "the world was not big enough for him and Picasso".  His family were never supportive of his artwork, and were very embarrassed by his suicide. The family destroyed all photos and papers of Godward... only his paintings survive him. Apparently there is not a single photo in existence of the painter himself.  Here's several of my favorites..

In the Tepidarium John William Godward 1913

Above, Venus at the Bath, 1901. And my all time favorite female nude painting by Godward, below, A Pompeian Bath, painted in 1909. WHAT??

Another one of my favs below, The Delphic Oracle, 1899.. I'm in love


and below, the very famous painting, The Tambourine Girl (1906)

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  1. Ah... all the beauties are accumulated in these beautiful artistic structures.. Cant take my eyes off it .. Thanks for the painters