Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Masks" Preview Trailer on Vimeo..

With a full slate of festival screenings this summer, my latest film "Masks" is now in full release. This Sunday, it's taking home an award at the ASIFA-East awards show in New York City, then it'll be heading down to the epic Charleston International film festival, then back up to NYC for the Befilm Film Festival. It'll also be on the west coast May 5, at the Santa Cruz Film Festival, and will be overseas at the Tel Aviv Animation Festival, and so many other great festivals and screenings which I'll update as they approach. 

"Masks" Trailer/Teaser from Patrick Smith on Vimeo.

I def want you all to see my latest work in a proper theatrical setting, and not just on-line.  I hate that my main source of seeing shorts is on-line, and I try really hard to get out there and see them in a more suitable exhibition format!

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  1. amazing video thanks for sharing it. at the moment I can listen it but I will wait until I arrive home and watches it again.