Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Now that I've finished or caught up with most of my current projects - a new Simpsons couch gag, the Big Daddy sizzle reel, the "Vagina Song" video short, and the Whoopi Goldberg pilot short, I'm able to get back to the project I'm most excited about.  Not that I wasn't excited about the other projects, but I've been working on "Slide" for almost three years now, and I'm barely halfway through the animation.  But, now that I can concentrate on drawing it without any interruptions, I'm building up a big head of steam.

I know pretty much how to draw every character by memory, which speeds up the process a lot.  Also, I've really hit a good groove with the backgrounds, they're going very fast.

And the best part is - I love the way that the art looks.  It's a new technique that I've used for the music videos, but never for a feature film.  It's ballpoint pen - and I'm really loving it!!

Here's a bunch of samples of the artwork:

Plus, I'm including one of a series of unicorn gags.

Until next time,

--Bill P.