Monday, June 24, 2013

1992 Hollywood Sign promo for "Cool World"..

These two low quality photos were surprisingly difficult to find.  At the time, I thought "Cool World" was just so awesome.. I've chilled a bit on it since, but I still think it's a great Bakshi film, with some quintessential Bakshi designed characters.  Enjoy.

As part of the film's promotion, the Hollywood Sign was altered to include a 75-foot-tall cutout of Holli Would. The alteration angered local residents, who were "appalled" by the city's approval of the alterations and that "the action your board has taken is offensive to Los Angeles women and is not within your role as custodian and guardian of the Hollywood sign. The fact that Paramount Pictures donated a mere $27,000 to Rebuild L.A. should not be a passport to exploit women in Los Angeles." Protestors picketed the unveiling of the altered sign.

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