Friday, June 21, 2013

CHEATIN' Wrap Party

Good news, Bill Plympton fans -

CHEATIN' is almost finished.  I say "almost" because we have a few more tiny tweaks and color changes to make.

However, it's now completed enough to my satisfaction, so that we can begin to enter it in festivals.  The first big deadline was the Toronto International Film Festival, and we just barely made that one.  The next big festival deadlines coming up are Telluride, Venice and the New York Film Festival.

As you may know, I finance the films myself, so when the film is done, there is usually no distribution in place, except for in France.  So, we rely on screening at the big market festivals (Sundance, Cannes, Toronto) to try and pick up a distributor.

In the past, it's worked so-so, but we have such high hopes for CHEATIN' (everybody who sees it loves it) that we feel we have a good shot at major distribution.  In fact, I believe this may be the big breakthrough film for adult animation.  CHEATIN' isn't a sex film, by any means, but the story is definitely not kiddie fare.  It's a lot like a James M. Cain, or perhaps a Tennessee Williams story.

In any case, last week we had our wrap party and for once we could all relax and feel good about the year-long sprint to finish the film on time.  I went to bed at 10 pm, but I heard that the party lasted until 2 am. 

Here are some photos from the wild event:

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  1. Congratulations. Can hardly wait to see it!

    James Madison