Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Bill Plympton Animation Master Class

Hey, everyone, great news!  I've decided that now's the time to bring back the Plympton Animation School.  It was about five years ago when I last held my super popular set of Master Classes.

But there's a difference - because back then people had to fly in from all over to attend.  This time, it's going to be on Zoom, so it will be much more accessible. 

Right now, I'm finishing up my new animated feature, "Slide" and I've decided to use the creation of that film as a teaching tool.  I will start the class with the original concept and end with the premiere at some theater. 

My plan is to begin the classes on the first Monday in January, 2023 and finish on the last Monday in February - that will be eight 90-minute classes.  I will be drawing, showing films and talking on Zoom.  I will take questions and critique the work being done by the students.  

Here's a list of the topics that the classes will cover: 

1. Introduction: concepts, ideas, influences, financing

2. Outline & storyboards

3. Character design

4. Layouts & backgrounds

5. Animation

6. Coloring

7. Editing, music & voices

8. Festivals, distribution, contracts & promotion

The price will be $1,600 for the two months, or about $200 per class. So please sign up and tell your friends to check out Bill Plympton's Animation School, and all students will receive a diploma after the last class.

You can order the classes here:

See you there!

-Bill Plympton