Friday, September 30, 2011


I've just returned from my 11th Woodstock Film Festival – What a great event! I was up there for three big events. One, the NY premiere of Alexia Anastasio's wonderful documentary about me called “Adventures in Plymptoons”. Two, Signe Baumane and I curated the annual animation show – this time it was a dark and disturbing show, but audiences seemed to dig it.

And finally I did a book signing of my very popular Rizzoli book, “Independently Animated, Bill Plympton” at the Golden Notebook bookstore in downtown Woodstock.

But of course the biggest event was the awards ceremony where Signe and I were joined by Chris Wedge of Blue Sky Studios. They very generously donated prize money for the animation prize. It's the first year we've been able to offer money for animation and the winner was Juan Pablo Zaramella for his wonderful film, “Luminaris”. Everyone loved the movie.

I want to thank Meira and Laurent and the whole team of workers and volunteers in Woodstock, and especially the fantastic audiences who seem to love animation. We hope to return to Woodstock next year with another great show.

Check out the photos!

Man with Dog

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Snooty Nose

Your annual reminder about the raw power of Glen Keane..

I really wish this last one had the audio.. it's my favorite keane pencil test of all time. "but she is being so DIFFICULT!"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Facebook Sketchbooks..

I've posted another Public Facebook Sketchbook, Sketchbook 5. You can also view Sketchbook 4, Sketchbook 3, Sketchbook 2, and yes, you guessed it, Sketchbook 1.  I've always believed facebook to be a great place to store and share sketches, and encourage others to do the same. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scar Pencil Tests, Andreas Deja..

I will always love pencil tests, I'll even go so far as to say I enjoy the texture and raw acting better than the final product. Pencil tests embody the spirit of the animator, as well as the character that is being portrayed. My next film "Pull" is being entirely done in Pencil Test (albeit, very fine scanned and well compositited, nothing "test" about it). Enjoy these from the man.. Andreas.

Andreas Deja: Scar from Lion King/ Part 1 from Jamaal Bradley on Vimeo.

Andreas Deja: Scar from Lion King/ Part 2 from Jamaal Bradley on Vimeo.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sequence from Public Domain 1988..

Saiz, Barbee, Sanderson, Thomas.. i watched this til my eyes bled when I was 16. Enjoy.

Idiots and Angels in New Jersey!

For those of you poor wretched people living in caves who missed my theatrical screening of the classic “Idiots and Angels”, I have great news – you get a second chance! Tuesday, Sept. 27th at 8pm, I'll be presenting that highly reviewed feature at the State Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

I'll also be signing copies of my new Rizzoli artbook, “Independently Animated, Bill Plympton”. If you buy a copy, I'll draw a caricature of you in the book! Plus, everyone who comes gets a free sketch from me. Plus-plus, I'm being introduced by the great “Mutts” creator Patrick McDonnell. Wow, can you get better than that? See you all there!

Face Studies at Dusties

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Solid Drawings from Alessandro Barbucci ..

I'm a sucker for this type of comic book drawing.. very slick and commercial, but very appealing. Enjoy. also check out his site. later.

Faces on Train

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cop and Victim

Epic Sketchbook: More Don Low from Singapore..

I've featured Don before, he's a true to the bone sketchbook artist! I love his photos that include the subject he has drawn. There's just so many things I admire about this type of sketching. I also really love when he incorporates written observations or descriptions with his drawings. Walt Stanchfield states in his wonderful book "Drawn to Life" that your sketchbook should replace your camera, and I think Don is a good example of precisely this happening. Enjoy.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Philadelphia Animation Festival kicks off this Thursday..

A great young festival is emerging in Philly, the Philadelphia Film Animation Festival (September 29-October 2) is putting it's hat in the ring, focusing on "undiscovered" animators, meeting them in person, and encouraging attendees to get involved with their next project.

Orange Ô Desespoir – John Banana, France

The opening of the festival is heavily focused on international short showcases of both film and animation. Official Selections are determined by an independent panel of over 35 community screeners, not based on personal or political connections. Interesting showcase, PAF is showing the world premiere of over 50 "21-Day Filmmaking Competition" shorts, a collection of short films and animations created over three weeks last August.

Gilded Age Gladiator - Brad Lambert & Rob Benica, USA

Project Twenty1 is hosting the event.. the company that started the fest with the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition in mind. "My goal was to get my animator friends 'back on the wagon' after graduation," says Stephanie Yuhas, Project Twenty1 co-founder and Philadelphia University of the Arts Animation alumni. "The most talented people I know were working at coffee shops and pet stores. My friends that worked for major studios in New York and LA were too tired to even consider creating shorts in their spare time and too frustrated to try the traditional festival route. just wanted to give them a reason to make art again."
Desperate Crossing - MinSeok Jeon, USA

You can purchase tickets and passes here. You can also support this non-profit movement by making a tax-deductible contribution on Razoo or getting involved as a volunteer or partner.  Hope to see you there!

Screaming Man

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Woodstock Film Festival!

Only a few more days till I make my big appearance at the fantastic Woodstock Film Festival! You can meet me at several events, one is the Animation Shorts screening, “Dark, Deep, and Funny” where I'll be joined by the incorrigible Signe Baumane. There are two screenings of this show:

Saturday, Sept. 24th – 2:00 pm - Bearsville Theater 291 – Tinker St, Woodstock, NY
Sunday, Sept. 25th – 4:15 pm - Upstate Films II RHINEBECK – 6415 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck, NY

We're also having the New York premiere of Alexia Anastasio's intimate documentary about me called “Adventures in Plymptoons”, both myself and Alexia will be there to answer questions.

Friday, Sept. 23rd – 4:00 pm - Upstate Films II RHINEBECK – 6415 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck, NY
Saturday, Sept. 24th – 11:45 am - Bearsville Theater 291 – Tinker St, Woodstock, NY

Then after we'll all be going over to the Golden Notebook bookshop to do a signing of my new book from Rizzoli Press, “Independently Animated Bill Plympton”. For everyone who buys a copy, I'll do a caricature of them in the book! Such a deal!

Saturday, Sept. 24th – 3:00 pm – The Golden Notebook – 29 Tinker St., Woodstock NY

The Golden Notebook will also be selling “Independently Animated” at the Bearsville Theater screening of Adventures in Plymptoons, don't miss your chance to pick up a copy!
So please come by any or all of my special events and I'll give you a free sketch on one of my cards. See you there!

Happy Man

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival

Once again I visited the Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival – I believe it's my sixth year – the festival is a production of the wonderfully ebullient Richard Paradise.

I got to meet Aaron Shock, the director of a fascinating documentary called “Circo” about a small time Mexican traveling circus.

The Annual “Animation Spectacular” was Vaccese, a big hit this year. Hosted by me and the very talented Joy, we had a packed house and turned away numerous fans. The big hits were “Bottle” by Kirsten Lepore, “The Mouse that Soared” by Kyle Bell, “Book Girl and Cabinet Girl” by Jane Wu, and “The Incredible Flying Books of Morris Lessmore” by the great William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg. Everywhere that I've seen this last film play it wows the audiences. People run up and say they absolutely have to have a copy of the film. I'm glad I don't have a short for the academy awards this year because the books film is going to clean up!

This year was the best year for me at the Martha's Vineyard festival, great sun, great food, great swimming, great films, great people and great audiences. If you have a film for next year, definitely enter it into next years Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun with Shadows

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Facial Studies

Some interesting Public Art from TrustCorp...

I'm new to TrustCorp, and I'm totally appreciating the guerilla style and approach of replacing mag covers.. in particular the very pop context.. epic. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Facial Studio

Friday, September 16, 2011

happy saturday..


Al Merton

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Signe Baumane 911 Drawings..

Signe Baumane is a perceptive person, it's what makes her a great artist. Although English is a second language to her, she's more articulate than anyone else I know, and this carries though into her imagery as well as speech. Both Signe and I lived very close to ground zero that day and these images resonate with me very clearly and emotionally. Thank you Signe for sharing these!  You can view them all at her Blog.

The Merton Show

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nicholas Di Genova..

Some impressive work from Nicholas Di Genova.. enjoy.