Friday, September 23, 2011

Philadelphia Animation Festival kicks off this Thursday..

A great young festival is emerging in Philly, the Philadelphia Film Animation Festival (September 29-October 2) is putting it's hat in the ring, focusing on "undiscovered" animators, meeting them in person, and encouraging attendees to get involved with their next project.

Orange Ô Desespoir – John Banana, France

The opening of the festival is heavily focused on international short showcases of both film and animation. Official Selections are determined by an independent panel of over 35 community screeners, not based on personal or political connections. Interesting showcase, PAF is showing the world premiere of over 50 "21-Day Filmmaking Competition" shorts, a collection of short films and animations created over three weeks last August.

Gilded Age Gladiator - Brad Lambert & Rob Benica, USA

Project Twenty1 is hosting the event.. the company that started the fest with the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition in mind. "My goal was to get my animator friends 'back on the wagon' after graduation," says Stephanie Yuhas, Project Twenty1 co-founder and Philadelphia University of the Arts Animation alumni. "The most talented people I know were working at coffee shops and pet stores. My friends that worked for major studios in New York and LA were too tired to even consider creating shorts in their spare time and too frustrated to try the traditional festival route. just wanted to give them a reason to make art again."
Desperate Crossing - MinSeok Jeon, USA

You can purchase tickets and passes here. You can also support this non-profit movement by making a tax-deductible contribution on Razoo or getting involved as a volunteer or partner.  Hope to see you there!

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