Friday, September 30, 2011


I've just returned from my 11th Woodstock Film Festival – What a great event! I was up there for three big events. One, the NY premiere of Alexia Anastasio's wonderful documentary about me called “Adventures in Plymptoons”. Two, Signe Baumane and I curated the annual animation show – this time it was a dark and disturbing show, but audiences seemed to dig it.

And finally I did a book signing of my very popular Rizzoli book, “Independently Animated, Bill Plympton” at the Golden Notebook bookstore in downtown Woodstock.

But of course the biggest event was the awards ceremony where Signe and I were joined by Chris Wedge of Blue Sky Studios. They very generously donated prize money for the animation prize. It's the first year we've been able to offer money for animation and the winner was Juan Pablo Zaramella for his wonderful film, “Luminaris”. Everyone loved the movie.

I want to thank Meira and Laurent and the whole team of workers and volunteers in Woodstock, and especially the fantastic audiences who seem to love animation. We hope to return to Woodstock next year with another great show.

Check out the photos!

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