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Golden Ratio in Apple logo..

I posted an interesting observation about the "tool of thirds" , or the divine principle, a while back, comparing it to the golden ratio and how it relates to cinema.. here's an interesting article about the same thing but for logo design, I wasn't aware that it was used so often! Enjoy.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cheatin' Production Blog

I'm happy to announce a great new added feature to Scribble Junkies!
As you all know, I'm currently working on my feature animated film, "Cheatin'", and I thought it would be fun to take all of you on a tour of my production process for the creation of this new feature film. My producer Desirée Stavracos will be filming me every so often (around every 2 weeks or so) for an update on what I'm working on this week, and tips to my work habits and drawing styles.

You'll be intimate witnesses to the Plympton style of film-making. Hopefully at the end of the process -- next year -- you'll all be able to see the film in its glory in a cinema near you. (I can dream, can't I?)

So watch this site for "The Cheatin' Production Blog" coming soon!
Tell all your friends, and I encourage comments pro and con!

Thanks everyone.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rad Brush for iPad..

I don't have an iPad, but I have to admit when I see people sketching with them it gets my interest. I think I'm a bit stuck in my traditional ways though.. anyway, this brush seems really cool:) from Sensu. Dig.

The Simpsons

Okay, I screwed up – I made a big booboo, I blundered. I'm sorry! I forgot to give you, my dear readers, a heads up about my cameo appearance on “The Simpsons” from Sunday, April 15th.
Last fall, I was asked by my buddy Matt Groening to do a “Couch Gag” for the show. I sent them two ideas and they liked them, so I began to work on the animation. But I was told in very strong terms not to tell anyone about the short.
I even had to keep it a secret from my family, and you, dear readers. But, just before airing, they told me I could tell others about the premiere. Unfortunately, I was so busy with “Cheatin'” that I had no time to write a Scribble Junkies blog about it. Everyone else found out about it by either watching the show, or the internet.
The bit got great reviews and a ton of hits on Youtube. In fact, more people saw that one minute clip than all my other films combined – oh, the power of the Simpsons.
Another interesting story – when I sent in the storyboard, the lawyers had no problem with the hookers or strippers, but cigarettes were ruled out!
You can see it on Youtube here: Plymptoons Simpsons Couch Gag


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Medium Rare

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don Hertzfeldt

I've known Don since he was a student in college, and he was producing these great crazy shorts “Lily and Jim”, “Ah L'Amour”, “Billy's Balloon”. I believe I first met him at a Spike & Mike show.

We also did a traveling show together called “The Don and Bill Show”. We kicked it off by appearing on stage at the famed Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.

Anyway, he's now doing his U.S. Tour, and planned to make an appearance at the IFC Film Center, they wanted to introduce him and stage a Q&A. As I approached the Cinema I noticed a big line. I assumed it was for Abel Ferrara's film “4:44”, but no! It was the crowd for Don's show in the prestigious main cinema.

Wow, that's great! How often do you see indie animators selling out at a mainstream cinema? The crow was very enthusiastic and had a lot of very probing questions about his work and life. He did a signing and DVD sales upstairs in the lounge, although he spent way too much time talking to everyone who visited his table – I'm much more impatient and I try to move the crowd along.

Don showed me his award-winning show “It's such a beautiful day”.

Now initially, Don was very faithful to my “Plympton's Dogma” (short, cheap, and funny) but since he created his “Bill” triology, he's strayed from my formula for success – but the films are more popular than ever. So much for my dogma!

Don is my hero – he makes very complicated and avant guard personal films that are extremely popular with the audience. I tip my cartoon hat to the master.

Please check out his show when it comes to your town! I score Don's show an A+.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sophia Loren

"Factory" by Jennifer Yoo..

Jennifer is one of my students at Tisch-Asia, she completed this animation as a one week homework assignment. The assignment was to make a story using a single cycle, by moving the camera. She managed to create a really nice, simple piece that worked well with the music and sound. As inspiration for this assignment, I cited George Griffins short film "Viewfinder".. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Michael Eisner

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sketchbook 6 facebook public..

Updated sketchbook 6, and set to public.. enjoy..

Smiley faces

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wilhelm M. Busch.. Epic..

My colleague in Singapura, Hans Bacher, has posted a wonderful series of images from Wilhelm Busch, who I will admit, I've never studied.. Take a look at Hans's blog here.  Enjoy..

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Big hat face

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Guitar players

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Face Studies

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Angry Man1

Monday, April 9, 2012

Distorted face

Environmental Film Festival

I've been to the wonderful Environmental Film Festival 2 other times and always enjoyed myself. This year I was invited again to show all my most recent work.

It was one of those beautiful spring days -- the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the tourists were on a rampage. I had a big crowd at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Springs, Maryland. Afterwords they all wanted to talk about my revitalization of Winsor McCay's "The Flying House".

Later I got a tour of Washington DC in its prime in a Chevy Volt -- they were one of the sponsors of the festival, obviously because of its green energy powered battery engine.

On Saturday, Sandrine and I had a free day to explore, and even though the weather sucked, we were able to visit Congress, the National Gallery of Art, and the Air Space Museum.

I was particularly interested in the National Gallery of Art -- terrific work by Ed Hopper, Edward Hicks, Andrew Wyeth, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Jacques Louis David, and Van Gogh. There was also a great exhibition of Picasso's very early work when he was a teen that puts my early work to shame.

I hope to visit the National Gallery again, but next time spend some quality time with the paintings.

I give the Environmental FF a green B+.


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Long legged girl

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Woman in boots.jpg

Lee Ho Ryon..

Wonderfully sexually charged work from Lee Ho Ryon, who I stumbled upon through supersonic electronic.  I've said it before that I typically consider sexy content a cheat in art, but I can't deny the not so subtle appeal, and the underlying innocence to these images.. it would be a mistake to write them off as erotica in any way.. there's a hell of a lot more respect to the overall beauty of the figure.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A man remembered

Cortoons Festival

As much as I've traveled, I'd never visited Rome the Eternal City. I've been to Italy 10 times but never seen the sights of the home of the Roman Empire. So when I got the invitation to do a master class there, I began packing my bags.

I was met at the Rome airport by Alessandro, the head of the 9 year old festival. He's a great guy, and was justly proud of the fact that the festival takes no government money -- it's truly an independent, like me.

They held the festival in a wonderful old cinema from the Mussolini era. The large deco theater was packed with 600 adoring fans for my show. It seems it's very difficult to be an animator in Italy -- apparently Berlusconi is not so hot for animation. Consequently, a lot of young artists move to France, or the States.

On my day off, Alessandro and Noemi took me for a grand tour of Circus Maximus and the Colosseum. The ruins were truly magnificent.

The closing ceremonies were a lot of fun. All the films were excellent. But Alessandro stated that there was a problem with the submissions -- too many dark, depressing films. So come on all you funny Americans, send all those hilarious shorts to Cortoons in Roma -- the Italians are waiting!

I give the Cortoons Festival a B+.