Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don Hertzfeldt

I've known Don since he was a student in college, and he was producing these great crazy shorts “Lily and Jim”, “Ah L'Amour”, “Billy's Balloon”. I believe I first met him at a Spike & Mike show.

We also did a traveling show together called “The Don and Bill Show”. We kicked it off by appearing on stage at the famed Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.

Anyway, he's now doing his U.S. Tour, and planned to make an appearance at the IFC Film Center, they wanted to introduce him and stage a Q&A. As I approached the Cinema I noticed a big line. I assumed it was for Abel Ferrara's film “4:44”, but no! It was the crowd for Don's show in the prestigious main cinema.

Wow, that's great! How often do you see indie animators selling out at a mainstream cinema? The crow was very enthusiastic and had a lot of very probing questions about his work and life. He did a signing and DVD sales upstairs in the lounge, although he spent way too much time talking to everyone who visited his table – I'm much more impatient and I try to move the crowd along.

Don showed me his award-winning show “It's such a beautiful day”.

Now initially, Don was very faithful to my “Plympton's Dogma” (short, cheap, and funny) but since he created his “Bill” triology, he's strayed from my formula for success – but the films are more popular than ever. So much for my dogma!

Don is my hero – he makes very complicated and avant guard personal films that are extremely popular with the audience. I tip my cartoon hat to the master.

Please check out his show when it comes to your town! I score Don's show an A+.

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  1. I'm from mexico
    You and Don are my favorite entertainers