Friday, February 28, 2020

Upcoming Events

I've got a lot of very cool events coming up, and I want to tell you about them -

On Monday I'm flying down to Asheville, NC to do a Master Class at the prestigious University of North Carolina.  It will take place on Wednesday, March 4, 7 pm, at the Rhoades/Robinson Hall 125 - and the public is invited.

It will be a grand event - I'll be showing a lot of my new films and works-in-progress.  I'll also be introducing the composers and musicians for my upcoming feature, "Slide".  So if you are in the area or know anyone who lives nearby, "Y'all come down now, ya hear?" And as usual, everyone who attends get a real Bill Plympton sketch.  So don't miss it!

You can see more information about this event here:

Hank Bones, my main music man, actually lives in Asheville, so my visit there is double-purposed. Maureen McElheron, songwriter, composer of the music from "The Tune", and several of my short films ("No Snow for Christmas", "Can't Drag Race with Jesus") and singer of the classic "Your Face" is also coming to help with our "Slide" music sessions.

From there, I fly to Paris, France for another big event.  I'm appearing at the IAMAG 20 Master Classes event, held at Forum des Images, March 6-8.  My presentation will be on Saturday, March 7 in Salle 500 at 5:45 pm.  I'm very excited about doing this show - I love Paris and I probably have more fans in Paris (where I'm often recognized on the street) than in NYC (where no one knows me, or at least pretends not to recognize me).

I'll also be able to visit my friends, distributors and publishers over there and catch up on future business projects -

You can see the full schedule online and learn more about this event here:

UPDATE - As of March 4, 2020, this event has been cancelled, because of the Corona virus and the resulting influence on Paris, as the city has apparently instituted a ban on large crowds gathering in enclosed spaces.  The event organizers have started a relief fund to help them keep their company going after being forced to cancel, so if you can help, please follow the link below and donate, especially if you would like to see more events like this in the future.  Thanks!

One more project I do want to promote is an upcoming animation convention organized by Phil Machi in Austin, Texas (one of my favorite cities).  This will take place on May 8 at Ao5 Gallery, and at this point, I'm planning on appearing at the event.  Any way I can help promote animation, I'm there.

Let's make this happen!
He's still raising funds for the event on Kickstarter, so here's the information - please consider contributing to make this event possible:

If you want to boost animation in Texas, this is the way to go  - as you probably already know, the great Don Hertzfeldt lives there, and legendary superstar Mike Judge's from around there also.  Anyway, if you're in Austin in May or anywhere nearby, swing on by!

I've got time for a quick gag cartoon before I leave on Monday - check it out below.


-Bill P.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Animation Update part 2 - "Slide"

Dear Readers, 

This week, I'll be showing another clip of me creating drawings for my upcoming feature, "Slide". 

Also, I've just finished a new music video for the great Matt Jaffe, it's called "Voodoo Doll", and it should come out soon.  I think you'll like it, the music is fantastic and the animation is a different style for me, one that really matches the music quite well.  

My new gag cartoon this week was written a while ago, but now it seems quite timely with all the ecological issues of today.  I hope you like it - 


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Oscars review

I hope you watched the Academy Awards - because apparently it was the lowest-rated Oscar show ever.  They need your eyeballs!

I personally enjoyed the event, except for the Eminem rap song about I don't know what.  First, I hate rap.  Second, he kept getting bleeped so I couldn't really get into the song, and lastly, what the hell did Eminem's song have to do with this year's Oscars?  The show is already too long and now they're just tossing in irrelevant performances like it's the Grammys...

After seeing all the short animated films, the winning film, "Hair Love" was my least favorite.  Perhaps it was voted in to honor Kobe Bryant?

As for the Best Animated Feature winner, "Toy Story 4", I liked the story, of course, but I would rather see something fresh and different win.  To me, "Klaus" was the outstanding film of the year - so charming, original, and also hand-drawn.  But of course, you realize that Pixar and Disney artists rule the animation categories!

And although I like "Parasite" a lot, I was shocked that "Joker" didn't win.  It's such an original and over-the-top film.

I'm including a new gag cartoon below -


Bill P.