Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Oscars review

I hope you watched the Academy Awards - because apparently it was the lowest-rated Oscar show ever.  They need your eyeballs!

I personally enjoyed the event, except for the Eminem rap song about I don't know what.  First, I hate rap.  Second, he kept getting bleeped so I couldn't really get into the song, and lastly, what the hell did Eminem's song have to do with this year's Oscars?  The show is already too long and now they're just tossing in irrelevant performances like it's the Grammys...

After seeing all the short animated films, the winning film, "Hair Love" was my least favorite.  Perhaps it was voted in to honor Kobe Bryant?

As for the Best Animated Feature winner, "Toy Story 4", I liked the story, of course, but I would rather see something fresh and different win.  To me, "Klaus" was the outstanding film of the year - so charming, original, and also hand-drawn.  But of course, you realize that Pixar and Disney artists rule the animation categories!

And although I like "Parasite" a lot, I was shocked that "Joker" didn't win.  It's such an original and over-the-top film.

I'm including a new gag cartoon below -


Bill P.

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