Monday, February 25, 2013

Test screening of CHEATIN'

I have some very exciting news to report -

I'm doing a test screening of my new feature, CHEATIN', at the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

As you probably know, I really believe in test screening my films before I go into post-production.  That way, I have a better idea of how the film will play to the audience, or if it plays at all.

I usually do a Q&A session after screening the rough cut, and then I ask the attendees to fill out a short questionnaire on their thoughts about the film.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, please come to the Nitehawk Cinema on March 12 at 9:30 pm, and see me present CHEATIN', my new animated feature.  But you have to order tickets early - last time I did a show at the Nitehawk, we had to turn away about 50 people.

I hope to see you there!

Bill Plympton

For more details:

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Banksy wall removed..

This article brings up a solid debate surrounding street art.. I've always believed when an artist puts something out in the street, it is offered for public consumption.. and you can't really blame people for taking it. it's lame, but you put it out there.  I posted on my old blog about this a while back after a discussion on flickr.

All together now!

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Fat Horse

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cheatin' Kickstarter

I've just concluded my successful Kickstarter campaign for CHEATIN'. We went well over our proposed goal. Thank you to all you supporters! 

It's a very exciting time we live in, when we can use social networking to finance indie films and avoid the wankers in the LA studios. 

Speaking of Kickstarter, my good friend and "Queen of Indie Animation" Signe Baumane surpassed her goal for her new feature, "Rocks in my Pockets". Bravo, Signe!

Also my good friends at Moonbot Studios, the creators of "Robots", "Meet the Robinsons" and "Rise of The Guardians", are going to Kickstarter to raise money for their new feature project "The Golem". I believe that William Joyce is one of the true geniuses in children's books and animation. If you don't check out and participate in his Golem project, then you have no artistic soul. 

Visit their Kickstarter here 

Please check out his site and tell him hello for me! 



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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Annie Awards / L.A. trip

Luckily, my short "Couch Gag" cartoon for "The Simpsons" was nominated for a prestigious Annie Award, so I was able to go to ASIFA Hollywood's celebrated awards ceremony (the animation industry's equivalent of the Oscars)

In order to maximize my stay in L.A. (Glendale, actually) I set up Master Class visits to Nickelodeon and Dreamworks. Also, on Friday night there was a special Bill Plympton screening at the Steve Allen Theater, sponsored by the Muybridge Animation Festival. I showed clips from my upcoming feature CHEATIN', which people liked a lot. Then we had the great actor Matthew Modine come up on stage and talk about his voice-over work in two of my films: "Santa, the Fascist Years" and "The Flying House".

We were fortunate to have some of animation's greats show up: Corky Quakenbush, David Silverman, Jerry Beck (author and head of Cartoon Brew), and one of my favorite musicians, Corey Jackson, with his wife, Sharon.

It was a packed house, and we ended with the prestigious animation award going to Jim Lujan, a great indie animator who works in Flash. 

The next day, the Annie Awards were held. It's my fave event because I get to see the crème de la crème of the industry. This year I saw Mike Gabriel, Robert Valley, David Silverman, Travis Knight of "Paranorman", the brilliant Oscar Grillo, John Kahrs of "Paperman" fame, Leonard Maltin and Seth Green. 

 Me with Winsor McCay Award-winner Oscar Grillo at the Annie Awards.

 At the Annies with John Kahrs of "Paperman".

At the Annies with Rebecca Sugar from "Adventure Time".

I didn't win anything – I never expected to, but I had a ball. The big winners were “Paperman” and "Wreck-it Ralph". Next year, I will have a lot of films ready, so I hope to make a bigger appearance there in 2014. 


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Horse Play

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