Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cheatin' Kickstarter

I've just concluded my successful Kickstarter campaign for CHEATIN'. We went well over our proposed goal. Thank you to all you supporters! 

It's a very exciting time we live in, when we can use social networking to finance indie films and avoid the wankers in the LA studios. 

Speaking of Kickstarter, my good friend and "Queen of Indie Animation" Signe Baumane surpassed her goal for her new feature, "Rocks in my Pockets". Bravo, Signe!

Also my good friends at Moonbot Studios, the creators of "Robots", "Meet the Robinsons" and "Rise of The Guardians", are going to Kickstarter to raise money for their new feature project "The Golem". I believe that William Joyce is one of the true geniuses in children's books and animation. If you don't check out and participate in his Golem project, then you have no artistic soul. 

Visit their Kickstarter here 

Please check out his site and tell him hello for me! 


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