Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I did this Christmas.

Sandrine and me, with Mr. & Mrs. Guard Dog

If you haven't read my posts lately, there's a very good reason.
As you know, I very rarely talk about my personal life in Scribble Junkies. And it's because what Pat Smith and I are trying to do is to talk about art and animation, and not about the cult of personality. I don't want to be the Kim Kardashian of animation.
However, I have very good news!
Me and my long time French girlfriend, Sandrine, have gotten married over the Christmas weekend. It was a small family event at my sister's house in Oregon. After the ceremony, we went to the beautiful Oregon Coastal town of Cannon Beach for a little relaxation and intimate time. And what happens in Cannon beach stays in Cannon Beach...
But now I'm back to work, and ready to continue my faithful reporting of the world of animation. So stay tuned; there's a lot of really cool events coming up!

Carol Anne, Sophie, Sandrine, & Caroline.
Terry Casebeer, Peter Plympton, Me, Ken the Preacher, Sandrine,
Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn, Caroline Eydeli, and Mom, seated.


  1. Congrats Bill!! Sandrine is awesome. I'm so happy for you guys!

  2. Congratulations.... May you have the very best in life

  3. Happy New Year and Congratulations to you both!

    James Madsion

  4. Congrats, Bill and Sandrine! Here's to many years of happiness ahead.

    (And don't worry Bill, we've never considered you the Kim Kardashian of animation. You're more like the art form's Angelina Jolie.)

  5. Mucho, mucho congrats Bill, and to Sandrine! My wife and I are so happy for you two!

  6. Here's to your happy marriage, Bill!

  7. I'm so happy for you both! Bon marriage! Congratulations! - luv, jen

  8. Congratulations Bill! et félicitations à Sandrine! wishing you the best to you both!

  9. Hey Bill, I know I congratulated you on the phone, and I look forward too seeing you at Los Angeles Animation Fest in a couple weekends, but let me shout-out my congrats here on the site. I'll see you, Alexia and Kevin soon. Is Sandrine coming?