Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Epic Sketchbook: Car Sketches by Lapin and Sagar..

"It's fascinating to look at the 2 very different ways we (Lapin and Sagar) choose to sketch this event. I spent my time sketching few detailed models while Sagar choose to represent the ambiance of the show on the cathedral place. I like that the "true" representation of it is not one or the other, but the juxtaposition of our 2 visions"
anglia deluxe  
by lapin

by sagar

opel 1900 by lapin

by sagar

lancia fulvia rallye 1,6 by lapin

by sagar


  1. Reminds me of comic strips back in the days. This style of drawing was never popularized in the mainstream in spite of its indisputable art.

    1. I certainly agree with Stelle. Actually, I find this style of sketching more legit than the style of sketches we have today. But I have to say, this type of sketching cannot be applied for a car model blueprint.

  2. It's beautifully sketched. Just knowing the fact that it's Lapin and Sagar makes it more interesting to take a look at.

    @Stelle: He can actually make a comic strip out of those frames.