Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kung Fu Panda 2

OK. I knew this review is a little bit late – but I’ve been traveling a lot this year and I finally found time to watch the animated features I missed.

Even though I heard good things about Kung Fu 2 – and I really liked the first film – I’ve finally watched KFPII. And I must say I really liked it.

The art was even better than the first and the humor and character development were terrific.

The only drawback for me was the action came on too fast and intense.

In fact it was brain overload and my mind shut down and I fell asleep through sections. (The same thing happened during “9” and “Arthur Christmas”) Now, you might say that my fuddy duddy brain is too slow for the new action films. That’s a fair criticism.

But nevertheless I have to grade the film to my own standards: and even though I liked KFPII, I can’t give it my highest score. So I’ll give the Dreamworks feature a B.


  1. It's a trend I call TMP Syndrome, Too-Much-Peril. Most big movies suffer from it, the stakes are too high, the action is too frenetic, the most of the audience tunes out because it's just beyond the bounds of the disbelief suspension willingness equation. This equation may differ between persons and age-groups etc, but everybody generally gets queasy and starts to yawn when this rubicon is crossed. I reckon.

  2. You captured the movie for me, the good the bad and the Oscar nomination. I didn't expect it to be qite as nice as it turned out. Just a bit frenetic around the Kung Fu sections.