Thursday, January 5, 2012

Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival..

This Friday the sixth annual Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival is featuring my short film "Masks", so if you're in the area try to make it!  Santa Clarita is a small but awesome festival that both Bill and I have quite a bit of history with. They've awarded several of my films best animation over the years which is always a good way to make friends, but more that that, Santa Clarita has a distinct filmmaker oriented mission and an intimate audience atmosphere and all around approach.

Located 20 miles north of Hollywood, SCVFF is a  not-for-profit organization dedicated to screening true independents by providing an open forum for the filmmakers and audiences, both professionals and students. Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival has a special focus on short films appropriate for all audiences (I'm sure "Masks" barely squeaked in). 

For filmmakers, I would encourage you all to send your films in for consideration for next year, for audiences, I would highly recommend attending!

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