Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tiffany the Whale

This long, cold winter in NY has been a very productive one for me. Because of the inclimate weather, I've been able to stay in and get a lot of work done. Four short films!

      1. The bulk of “Flying House” is done, and we're close to completing this wonderful restoration of the Winsor McCay classic.

      2. “Guard Dog Global Jam” is finished and now making appearances in festivals around the world, starting with the opening night at SXSW.

      3. The as yet unnannounced new music video for Weird Al Yankovic. The film is done and it looks great, but we're waiting for Mr. Yankovic to finish the album before releasing the short.

      4. And finally, a pilot episode from “Tiffany, the Whale”. This is an excerpt from the planned 3-hour feature that may or may not be broadcast as a webisode series.

My hope is to entice some big TV channel to bankroll the series and then after a year or so of broadcasting all the episodes, I want to release “Tiffany the Whale” as an animated feature film.

Here are some samples of the art:



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  1. interesting departure stly-wise. super simple, almost crude. it reminds me of something that was drawn with a mouse. i have more to say. see you soon, home on the 15th!