Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jack Elam & Friend


  1. Fantastic as always. Love a drawin' that shouts at me from a mile away. I've been hearin' this drawing's calls all through the day, glad I finally logged onto Blogger.

  2. Elam's an almost perfect model for your style. But you've robbed us of seeing your take on his wandering eye!

    How about an Elam biopic for you next project? A three minute, animated biopic where we watch the man's rise (second order thug in Kiss Me Deadly to James Garner co-star in "Support Your Local Gunfighter") and his fall (Apple Dumpling Gang?).

    Well, can't hurt to ask....

  3. I found the top sketch interesting in how you gave body to the cigarette smoke- the brim of the hat casts a shadow on it! Nice touch. I'll have to remember that.