Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Flower" from The Wall..

This sexually charged flower scene from the wall is one fine piece of animation. I really think that a good piece of animation has more to do with the overall IDEA than it does with STORY. Story is nice if you're telling a long tale to kids, but expressing an IDEA is acting more of a painter, and less of an entertainer. Leave character antics aside, leave jokes, gags, all that crap. it's the concept that has the punch. It's also the visual display that works here. People have asked me where I got the idea for "DRINK", and honestly, although this may be a let down, I simply wanted to draw something cool, something that would express a simple idea and would look rad. This piece from "The Wall" is interesting to me personally because i usually shy away from overtly sexual content, i think it's easy. But this goes beyond simple sex content, and really explores the STRUGGLE that is always inherently present during a sexual relationship.

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  1. brilliant! I absolutely agree with the whole sexual part, once distastefully treated it just looks like any other wannabe's work.