Thursday, April 8, 2010

“Battle of The Sexes, Animated”

As you probably know Signe and I are famous for doing animation shows together. Well now we’ve joined forces again for our piece d’resistance.

It’s “The Battle of The Sexes, Animated!” sponsored by the Woodstock film festival and IFC. We’re putting together 5 of our all time sexiest films to show at the IFC on April 12 and having a cartoon smackdown!

“Chirpy” by John Goras one of the sickest animated films ever made and believe me I’ve seen a lot of sick films.

“Roof Sex” by PES, a classic stop motion look at furniture love.

“Cosmic Honeymoon,” a twisted short dealing with perverted space aliens by Ondrej Rudavsky.

And my classic “How to Make Love to a Woman,” an X rated version of “How to Kiss.”

And the kicker is the audience gets to decide who makes the sexiest cartoons, chicks or dudes.

So come on men, lets show the babes that guys really know how to make cartoon raunch. Come on down to IFC at 4th Street and 6th Ave on April 12- 9:00 PM and clap your asses off. Who knows you may even get laid.


  1. Can you post a link to Chirpy?

  2. “How to Make Love to a Woman,” an X rated version of “How to Kiss.”haha

  3. Classic Tuesday Inspiration: More Bernini..

  4. i'm curious of chirpy but can't find.