Monday, April 26, 2010

Natas 1989..

Natas Kaupas changed my life.. I stumbled upon this clip from the 1989 santa cruz vid "streets on fire" and it brought me back to simpler times, before i got into this animation crap, a time of front side wall rides and no complies. It's difficult to explain how revolutionary his style was.. to me it was the beginning of modern street skating. "brave captain" is also an epic song by my old time fav band "firehose". enjoy.


  1. Yo Pat, this guy shreds. I wondered if you ever made a skate part?
    I study animation in the UK and your animations are a big influence for me at the moment. Props. Peace.

    Rory - skater, animator

  2. In many places, skateboarding IS a crime and that's how it should be.

  3. I'm only 6 seconds into it and I can already tell it is rad. Makes me want to install rear axle pegs on my old-man trek hybrid and fracture something...

  4. Roconnor, you wouldn't be saying that if YOU could skate.