Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MOCCA arts festival

Mocca, the “Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art” has for the last few years held and an arts festival. I’ve been going for approximately 10 years and I’ve always had a ball.

It used to be in early June but last year it was so hot that one of the exhibitors passed out on the street from heat stroke. So this year they’ve moved it to April 10-11 and instead of the Puck building, it’s now at the 69th Regiment Armory at 25rd St. and Lexington. This is the place I used to spend every Tuesday night marching and drilling for 4 years when I was in the National Guard – to escape going the Vietnam, so I have a lot of bad memories there.

But this year I’ll have a booth and hopefully I’ll be able to cleanse away all those evil spirits.

In any case rush on down there and bring your friends! It’s one of the hot events of the year. All the best alternative comics and animators are there. Last time I went I got to hang out with Artie Spiegelman, Lynda Barry and Charles Burns.

This year they have Kyle Baker, Jamie Hernandez, Gahan Wilson, Bill Plympton and the great Frank Miller!

You can pick up signed copies of the coolest books in the world.

And be sure to stop by my table and see all my new cool stuff and get a free cartoon.

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  1. hey bill,
    mocca was one of my highlights when i visited in 08. it was great meeting you there and hoped i could make it to the next fair too. the spirit and the work to be found there is awesome!