Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home at last.. sketching on airplane..

Got home to Montauk from Singapore last Sunday, and I've been doing next to nothing for a week solid. Laying around enjoying (or not) the rain and the cold, letting my skate injuries heal. I love the contrast of the two places I live and work. Below.. airplanes are great for sketching, and given a 20 hour flight, that's exactly what i did to stay occupied:

Below.. home at last, Bud Lime in hand.. my favorite beer in the world.


  1. Sup thug! Glad to see you're having fun at home! Always like seeing your drawings!

    I'm at a cafe in Ubud overlooking a rice field now. You'd love it here. I'm riding a motorbike around town, how gangstaaa is that? I head up north to see a volcano tmr!

  2. mt. agung is da bomb. enjoy your trip.. hope you're drawing!

  3. One of the profession's great callings: dignifying the forlorn through art!

    Great to see your sketch style. Love the rollerball decisiveness.