Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Tour

Now that my new book “Independently Animated: Bill Plympton” is hitting the book store, it behooves me to go out and make some personal appearances to try and get it on the best seller list.
So, I did a four city tour that also involved “Idiots and Angels” and “Guard Dog Global Jam”. My first stop was the Boca Raton Film Festival. I had a gala book signing before the opening night screening, where “Guard Dog Global Jam” was the opening short and it received a prize – not bad!
Then I drove my rental up to Orlando for the Florida Film Festival. This is one of my favorite festivals – I've been coming here for 15 years, I believe. This fest has a real love for filmmakers, and I feel right at home. “Guard Dog Global Jam” was playing with the animated shorts program, which always sells out. Before that, we had a reception for my “Global Jam” exhibition called “The Laughing Girl”. It was a big hit, because some of these drawings, that lasted only one frame in the movie, are so outrageous and beautiful.
After that, I flew to Cleveland where I was doing an Idiots and Angels screening at the Cleveland Cinematheque. John Ewing took very good care of me, showed me all the sights – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, President Garfield's tomb, etc. But the best part was the screening – we had a great crowd! They were so enthusiastic, and such great fans.
My last stop on the tour was Columbus, Ohio. Chris Stultz met me at the airport. We visited the famous Cartoon Archives at the Wexner Center, where I got to examine some A.B. Front and Winsor McCay originals – Wow, fantastic! I did a wonderful book signing at the Wexner book store, then showed “Idiots and Angels” to a great crowd.
I'm now starting to appear in a lot of cities promoting my Rizzoli book, so watch for updates in my Scribble Junkies space!

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