Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bozzeto's Ravel-Bolero....

My favorite segment of Bruno Bozzeto's Allegro Non Troppo has to be the coke bottle piece done to Maurice Ravel's Bolero. It's one of my favorite pieces of classical music, and it works with Bruno's storytelling perfectly. To those of you who have not seen this piece, relax and enjoy, it's a bit long but totally worth it. The DVD is available on Bruno's site. On a personal note, I was able to spend some time with Bruno two years ago while he was visiting New York, and he's truly an amazing guy, filled with laughs and knows how to "arrive" at a party, although his gaggle of stunningly beautiful italian daughters may have helped a bit.


  1. wow. I've been looking for this years ago since a friend of mine showed it to me in class. thank you. I didn't knew the name of the artist.

  2. I love that segment! I saw that as a child in a movie theater (together with the other ones, of course) and it has been haunting me since then.
    I met Bruno Bozzetto in Anifest in Czech Republic last year: I don't know who was more amazed, whether I who could speak to one of my personal gods, or he at hearing me tearing myself laughing at its films..