Friday, May 13, 2011

Dave Devries interpretations of kids drawings..

Illustrator Dave Devries has a lot of intersting comic work, but this grabbed me over everything else.. i've never been one of those people to be in awe of kids drawings, but this is a total different way of appreciating them! enjoy.


  1. I quite like these... in a way despite all the adult thought I have spilled and sweated through about drawing, the central spark is still pretty childlike. You think of what you want to do in a fuzz of simple excitement and then clothe it in technique and justification later.

  2. This is way cool and a very smart move to plagiarise childrens works:p

  3. Those marks that my 4 year old makes when drawing whatever insane looking thing she makes are EXACTLY where they need to be. And no more no less. Was it Picasso who said artists should strive to return to childhood? Anyway, insane drawings. But then again, she also eats boogers.