Thursday, May 26, 2011

Battle of the Sexes - Poland!

In the middle of the Stuttgart festival I made a quick side trip to Warsaw to join my partner, Signe Baumane, to perform our 6th incarnation of the legendary "Battle of the Sexes".

The main event was the Planet DOK documentary festival. Why they wanted sex animation in the middle of serious documentaries I don't know, but we were happy to perform. The festival took place in a very large monumental office building called "Stalin's Finger", because the silhouette looks like a giant hand giving Poland the finger. The interior, however, is a lovely art deco style with wonderful theaters.

Dorado, the festival's artistic director, made us feel at home and introduced us to our "Applause Lady" and our "Mad Professor". Of particular note was the great applause meter sculpture someone han built. The show before ours was a Jane Goodall documentary on the environment. It was sparsely attended, but then our audience filed in and it was packed to the rafters! Sex beats chimps! What a great audience!

The show went very smoothly – people applauded for the applause meter, and surprise surprise, the men won the competition – YEAH! For the first time the men beat the women!

If you're interested in inviting the famous "Battle of the Sexes", just contact Signe or I and we'll bring it to your town. Remember though, it's not for the kiddies!

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