Saturday, May 7, 2011

Art Sale Review

In order to raise money for my upcoming feature, currently titled "Cheatin'", our studio decided to have an open studio art sale.

We promoted the event everywhere – even when I picked up my prize at the ASIFA East Awards Ceremony, I blurted out a promo for it.

The really cool part of the art sale was actually looking for the possible art to sell. Going way back to "Your Face" and "How to Kiss" and up to the "Dog" series and "Idiots and Angels", it was great to revisit some of the old drawings. Although the sale wasn't a smashing success, it was a good start to the fund raising for my feature. People who came had a great time and asked if I'd be doing it again.

Maybe every four months I could hold an open studio/party/art sale… what do you think? It's the only way I can stay away from those Hollywood sharks.

Thanks for reading S.J.!


  1. Have you considered selling some of the art through the internet, like eBay? That should get you some extra funding.

  2. Selling art is always a good idea if you're as prolific an artist as you are. However, no matter how much you sell, I'm not sure it'll raise enough to fund another feature. The "hollywood sharks" are certainly not a good direction to take, but there are other ways of raising money in these days of hedge funds and stock sales.

  3. I would purchase a drawing from "Your Face" in a heartbeat if you were to make these pieces available online. Name your price!

  4. You know what, Bill Plympton ? I would say the best thing you can do is post a project on a crowdfunding platform. You know how it works, fans invest, either a small amount of money or a lot, and in return they have something, like their name in the credits of your feature, or an original drawing, or a dinner with you, or a drawing made especially for them, etc.
    With your talent and fame, I'm confident it would work splendidly.
    I actually did it myself for a stupid book, and we raised more money than expected.
    Please consider that option, we REALLY want to see your new film.

  5. Bring some art with you when you come to S.F. later this year. I'll line up with cash in hand!

  6. Bill Plympton, I too think that a project on crowdfunding or indiegogo (as Signe is doing for her feature) can reach a lot of people.
    Besides, I know you come every year to Annecy with a bag full of dvds and books to sell and sign (I bought some of them): why not also bring some original art and organise a sale in the Bonlieu or on the Paquier (in the case Nancy organizes a picnic like last year)?