Monday, November 7, 2016

The Donald

I've been posting some of my caricatures on Twitter and Instagram lately, and in the last month it's been nothing but Presidential candidates - winners AND losers.  I had my office manager, John H., dig through the archives and pull out every drawing I made during the 1970's and 1980's of people who ran (or would someday run...) for our country's highest office, and he found a lot of them.  We've been posting them, more or less chronologically, as a bit of a history lesson, mixed with nostalgia, I suppose.  We started with JFK, who was elected in 1960, and worked our way right up to the candidates from 2012.  The ones that I've drawn, anyway.  Here are some samples:

Now it's the day before the monumental Presidential election of 2016.  I've been following the campaign very closely, not only because it's so important to the future of the U.S. and the world, but also because it's been immensely entertaining.

I haven't been talking much about the election on my blog, because I never felt that politics was a proper subject for a cartoonist to discuss.  As you'll see, back in my political artist days, I had to draw candidates from both parties, so I had to remain somewhat neutral.  However, as Election Day draws near, I've become extremely nervous about the possible election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.

Therefore, I want to suggest to all of my followers that to have Trump as a President would cause untold harm to the U.S. and the world - as you will see from the following cartoon:

So please, go out and vote on Tuesday for Hillary Clinton.  I'll thank you, and the world will thank you.  And please follow me on Instagram for more caricatures!

--Bill Plympton

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