Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Neo-Classical Tuesday Inspiration: John William Godward..

I've long been a fan of the beautiful woman depicted by English painter John William Godward. The sheer beauty of these mostly nude figures is astounding, and totally alluring.  The power of the female form is something my brain can't handle.. and that form is exemplified here.
Above is my all time favroite Godward, "A Pompeian Bath".. painted in 1895. As the story goes, Godward moved to Italy with one of his models, abandoning his family. His family disowned him, and there is literally no photo of him in existance... he probably shouldn't have chosen such hot models to paint.

Godward committed suicide at the age of 61, the day after being given the title "Barron" (whatever that means.. brits are so weird), in his suicide note, he famously stated that there wasn't room enough in the world for him and Picasso.

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