Monday, August 19, 2013


I became a big fan of Neill Blomkamp after watching the terrific film "District 9". So, I was very excited to go see his new feature "Elysium". 

Basically, it's an expensive ad for universal health care, which is why Republicans hate the film.  It's a meataphor for ObamaCare. 

I loved it because it was a wonderful visual reflection on today's society of the very rich, very poor and the shrinking middle class.  In fact, it's not really a sci-fi movie, so much as a social commentary. 

I do have a few problems with the film.  First, how is it that the space-station residents can breathe oxygen, when it's all open like that? 

Secondly, where's the great sense of ironic humor that Neill had in "District 9"?

Number three - I wish he had included more of the space station snobbery and elitism and less of the endless gun battles. 

But, having said that, I really loved the film "Elysium" and give it a B.

Bill Plympton


  1. There's an interview with Syd Mead who designed some of the futuristic elements of the film and he responds to a friend of his who works at Jet Propulsion Labs about the station being open to space: "It's a movie!" Here's the link: Talking to Syd Mead.

  2. I was very disappointed in the film, but to answer one of your questions, there's oxygen in the habitat a similar way oxygen doesn't float away from earth. The centripetal force of the rotating space station keeps the oxygen pressed towards the outside of the ring (obviously on earth it's the gravity).

  3. Well, that's a huge disappointment, though that picture of Jodie Foster is definitely bumping the marks up for me... Short hair and shoulder pads surely make up for the lack of ironic humour.

  4. Hello Bill,
    I confess that until recently did not know you.
    Last night I saw Idiots and Angels on art channel on Sky.
    I'm not a cartoonist or an artist. In fact I draw very bad.
    8 years ago i was alone in a room’s hotel in Rome and without an apparent reason, before I fall asleep i draw a story.
    After I took that story and put it in a drawer and i forgot it.
    Last night after I saw your film I thought that you can like my story because it is absurd, ironic and a bit dark as your movie.
    I’m sure you'll get dozens of stories every day by your admirers.
    I'd just like you to look at my history.
    Maybe you like and you make it a short film.
    Even though I live in Italy, I have my job, my home and my family. I do not care about money, new business or anything like that!
    This message for me is only a sharing of ideas.
    If you can be interested by my story i send you the papers scanned in PDF format.
    Thanks for the time to read this message and sorry for my terrible english… but i am italian…

    1. Dear Elysium,
      Thanks for your nice note. However, I have too many projects right now to take on any new work. You should find some Italian animators (there are many good ones) and show them your ideas.
      Thanks, Bill