Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lou Reed ink sketches..

Here's a quick design sketch I did of Lou Reed for the Blank on Blank series.  I always use ink in my sketchbook, it's a trick I use to keep my drawings quick, and build a habit of committing to your lines. I wrote an entry about using ink a while ago here. Lou was fun to draw because of the curious lines in his face.. and his floppy ears. His leather jacket collar created a nice framing element for his under bite jaw.  I love the first stage of production, when I can just sit with my sketchbook, draw designs and come up with ideas for shots.  Since we wrap each episode in about a week, this part of the process only lasts a half day or so.
And here's the final episode from PBS Digital, it was published a few months ago, and is possibly my favorite of the last dozen or so that we've produced.

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