Monday, June 15, 2015

Ayn Rand Animated Interview for PBS..

Mike Wallace interviews Ayn Rand about Love and Happiness.

So, we're heading into our 50th episode of PBS's "Blank on Blank," and while it is still a modest production, I think we're getting better. Ayn Rand (scroll down for movie), a fascinating person whether you agree with her radical philosophies or not, is the latest episode, released the other day.  Some characters are more enjoyable to draw than others, depending on characteristics that I like to draw.. Ayn had these great lower teeth, and a nice little curl of hair to work with.  She's also so serious, which is a nice departure from pretty much every other interview.

I also liked working with the propaganda style images she featured on her book covers.

My other favorite was Maya Angelou, for her it was all about nailing the eyes.  Both Maya and Ayn will probably not get a whole lot of traffic (such is the way of our culture.. if we wanted to get traffic we would feature Beiber, or Taylor Swift.  That's the beauty of working with PBS, they're more interested in content and historical importance that getting views.

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