Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Inspiration: Albert Dorne..

As an animator, you are most likely very familiar with Albert Dorne.  His effortless illustration style is intoxicating. Enjoy.  Here's a collection of Flcker that does justice to his wide variety of commercial illustration, way more depth than I can add on this blog.

Albert Dorne is a true artist success story.  he was born in the slums of NYC, and had miserable health problems. He dropped out of school to support his family with jobs such as managing a news stand and being as an office boy, as well as a short boxing career. Then he began drawing for the advertising industry. His illustrations started appearing in such magazines as Life, Collier's and The Saturday Evening Post and was very famous in the field of advertising by 1943.

In 1948 Dorne conceived the idea of a correspondence school for art, and recruited eleven other well-known artists and illustrators, including Norman Rockwell, to found the Famous Artists School.

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