Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's Up this Summer

My new short failed to get into Annecy's competition program (although it is being screened in Panorama) so I decided not to go to Annecy, after 15 years straight of attending.  Signe Baumane is going to represent me at the famed Annecy Plus event - the screening is on Friday, June 17 at 7:30 pm, and you can get more information about it here:
So, my summer is very open this year, which is fine - now I have time to work on my other films.  Each day I get up at 5:30 to animate "Revengeance" - it's going very fast.   I can do about a page of the storyboard every day, I'm now on page 95 and the storyboard has 240 pages - so you can see, I still have a lot of animation to do.  I hope to finish some time around New Year's. 

After numerous complaints about the length and redundancy of "Hitler's Folly", I've decided to go back and re-edit the mockumentary.  It stood at 90 minutes, and I liked it - I thought all of the jokes were pretty funny, but everyone I showed it to said that it got boring in the middle.  So, snip, snip, snip!  But don't worry, fans, when it comes out on DVD, I'll include the deleted scenes so you can judge for yourself.

                          Bet you didn't know that Adolf Hitler ran an animation studio, did you?

I may have some exciting news about "Hitler's Folly" coming real soon - so please stay tuned.

We've got some more screenings of CHEATIN' coming up in late July and early August, in Washington DC, Philadelphia and Cincinnati - we'll post more details soon both here and on Facebook.

The other big event of the summer is the San Diego Comic-Con - we're planning to show off some great new projects at my panel (date and time to be posted here very soon).  We'll have a sneak peek at my short "The Loneliest Stoplight", the new trailer from "Revengeance", an excerpt from "Hitler's Folly" and also the world premiere of a brand new short.

One of the coolest things we'll be offering at our booth is a special release of my animated feature CHEATIN' on BluRay.  I've never done a BluRay release before, so we're really excited. 

                          We won't be doing "Revengeance" tattoos at the booth (or, will we?)

So, tell your friends to come and see us at Booth 1537, in what we call "Animation Alley" at San Diego Comic Con, July 8-12.  I'll be signing DVDs and drawing caricatures of fans, time permitting.  See you there!

                    Here's how to find us at SDCC - this is the view from the mezzanine, facing north.
                        (The main entrances to the large convention floor are at the back of the photo)

--Bill Plympton

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