Friday, June 10, 2011

Sex, Dope, and Cheap Thrills

I met Eric Danville long ago - in the 80's when I was doing sex drawings for such publications as Penthouse, SC View and Penthouse forum. We've been friends a long time as both our careers took off. He did a wonderful book, "Inside Linda Lovelace" that became a big hit, and now it's being turned into a big Hollywood film. He currently does these evening "Sex, Dope and Cheap Thrills" with celebrities at the Parkside Lounge bar. I was asked to be in one and I shared the stage with beautiful Justine Joli, print and screen sex star from Penthouse magazine. She was Pet of the Year in 2008.

What I liked about her, above her beauty and honesty was that she was a total animation geek. She knew all about Japanese and American cartoons. Wow! What a fun evening! But we didn't just talk about cartoons. She was very honest about her sex life (she's gay) and what turns her on.

You can see excerpts from the evening on

Be sure to go to some of Eric's up and coming "Sex Dope and Cheap Thrills" shows.

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