Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Friday.. "Masks" in Palm Springs Short Fest..

I've never had much luck with the academy accredited festival in Palm Springs.. the last film I had there was almost 10 years ago:/ But my latest short "Masks" is showing there this Friday, so please try to make it if you're at the festival, it's in a program aptly named "identity crisis".. 

Still below from "Masks".. yeah, this little dude is about to die.  

So far they've been top-notch in terms of print traffic and marketing. It's been a while since I've dragged myself to do the festival routine, having burnt myself out years ago, and this time around I'm being really picky about which ones I send my work to.


  1. Sort of off topic, Pat, but I really love this still from MASKS. Particularly the little man's squashed face. Good luck with the festival run.

  2. thanks emmett.. not off topic at all. yeah, this isn't one of the stills i typically use.. grabbed it from the movie just for this post.

  3. hey man congrats! it's so cool Masks is getting exposure. I don't think I'll get vacations until next year ( I always go to NYC) so I'll wait for the DVD!