Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Idiots and Angels" on DVD!

As you probably already know the entire release schedule of my animated feature "Idiots and Angels" has been a long drawn out affair.

The film premiered at the Trideca Film Festival in 2008. My agent and I tried to fund the proper distributor for 2 years - having no luck, I decided to self-distribute with the help of Allen Chou at Passion River films.

The theatrical release was mixed. We had great response on NY and Chicago - a shitty release in L.A. for a number of reasons (read my blog from late November to see the gory details.)

But now we're excited to announce after a very long wait that the DVD will be released on the 4th of July. That's right we want fireworks for the world premium of "I & A" on DVD. For 3 years now, people have been asking and me when can they get "Idiots and Angels" on DVD. And I always had to admit that it would be a long wait - well now that wait is finally over - "Idiots and Angels" is now available on DVD! You can pre-order here on our website.

I highly recommend you get it. The film is by far my best feature film - you'll love it to death.

So tell all your friends to get "I & A" and have "Idiots and Angels" parties!

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