Thursday, June 9, 2011

Denver Show

I've been through Colorado many times. The first town I blew through was when I was emulating the great Jack Kerouac and his beatnik novel On The Road. I was 23 and I decided to drive across America - it was all pretty boring until I got to Denver. What dramatic scenery!

Of course I've returned many times: 3 visits to Telluride, 3 visits to Aspen and 3 visits to the Denver Film festival. In fact Denver was the first fest to hold a Bill Plympton retrospective. But this time I was invited by Dylan Otto Krider to make a special appearance at ASIFA Colorado and also screen and talk about "Idiots & Angels." We had packed houses for both shows and it must have been because I've visited the area so frequently.

I spent one special day visiting Boulder. It was a sunny day and all the freaks were out in the mall. Dylan and I visited a great bookstore where I was tempted to buy a beautiful book on "Guy Pene du Bois", one of my favorite artists except I was too cheap to get it.

Then we visited the Boulder Film Fest headquarters where they gave us a wonderful welcome and we talked about doing a special "Battle of the Sexes" show next winter. You know how hesitant I am to use our precious Scribble Junkies site for advertising - but I have to say I stayed at the wonderful Omni hotel in Broomfield, and everyone treated me so nice - very un-New York. I'd go swimming first thing in the morning as the sun came up. Then, still wearing my dripping swimsuit I'd have a gourmet breakfast in their beautiful dining room. Thank you Omni hotel and Denver.

I hope to return.

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