Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another thing that hasn't change much.. MGM logo...

I love how this hasn't really changed over the years.. and we all accept it, no matter how bizarre a lion framed with a graphic while roaring is. Enjoy.
I was surprized to learn that the different lions have different names.


  1. In doing the titles for the film GARBO TALKS, Sidney Lumet wanted to use a rarely seen MGM lion logo. They sent to me a 35mm print of every logo and there are a LOT of them. At least 30. I found one carved in stone and we were going to go with that, when it turned out to be a release in the 60th anniversary of MGM, and they used a new one that announced that festive occasion.

    In the end I got to keep a 35mm reel of lion logos (which I still have in my studio.)

  2. aw man.. that's really cool.. have you ever screened them? sounds like a good party.

  3. I love those MGM logos. I always looked forward to them when watching those Tex Avery or "Tom and Jerry" shorts.