Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snow White Pencil Test..

I remember seeing this when I was a kid from the Walt Disney TV special, "Plausible Impossible".. it was before I ever really thought about animation, later when I was in college I rented a vhs of the same show, and I finally located the clip on youtube!  This is the deleted scene of how the got the soap out of Dopey. Enjoy.

also, here's another deleted pencil test clip.. thanks David.


  1. I love this clip! I believe it's on one of the 'Walt Disney Treasure' DVD's. However the Youtube link says the video is no longer available...

  2. Pat, that link was taken down by Disney lawyers.

    Here's another link of the Soup Sequence:

    Here's the pencil test of the Bedroom Fight between Grumpy and Doc that was cut from the film:

    Bedroom Fight sequence pencil test


  3. thx david, we'll see how long it takes them to take this one down.

  4. Am navaneeth.k ,Its soooo & too attracted ,thanks David ........