Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Christmas Carol

I somehow missed the holiday release 2 years ago of Disney's 'A Christmas Carol'. It was another of Robert Zemekis' motion captured animated film. In other words he has actors with tiny sensors all over their bodies so the computer can stimulate all their complex movements.

Just like the 'Polar Express' and 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within' they still have difficulties making the human feel real and alive. They looked like robots or puppets. There were some good things about the film. I liked the voices and the backgrounds were exquisite. And the action scenes were quite exiting. But for some reason it was bloodless and had no emotional impact.

I heard the film cost a bundle and Mr.Zemekis has decided to put motion capture aside for awhile till they can successfully recreate humans with a realistic look.

But I for one don't want a realistic look. I like my animation stylized. Maybe that was the problem with 'Christmas Carol' - it tried to be too realistic! Give me some art and emotion. Not cold-hearted puppets.

I give it a C+.


  1. Agreed. If something is going to be done with puppets I want to see real puppets with some art and emotion (Wallace & Gromit , for example). Who wants to watch this mo-capped "realistic" stuff ? Boring, boring boring. (and often creepy, not in a good way).

  2. Polar Express freaked my daughter out so much we had to leave the cinema. If Zemekis is leaving mocap alone for a while that can only be a good thing. Maybe he'll direct a film worth seeing again.

  3. His latest motion capture film hits theaters today - MARS NEEDS MOMS. Zemeckis didn't direct it, but he produced it with his company on the Disney lot.