Monday, March 14, 2011

Anima Festival

I've just returned from Brussles, Beligum, or as they like to call it, "Bruxelles". I've been going to the Anima Festival since 1988, and always have a great time, because the organizers and audience are always so enthusiastic.

I remember the first year I was there, I got to meet the very talented Peter Lord and Aardman fame, who had a fabulous film called "Babylon". Try to find it if at all possible.

Peter Lord, me, Stephanie, Hugh - Photo courtesy of Sandrine Flament

Well, this year he was back to do a presentation for the 30th anniversary of Anima (it was originally called The Festival "Dessin Animé") Peter showed clips from his new stop motion feature Pirates—it looked great!

Also on stage was the talented Michael Ocelot, who was there to screen the first film I saw of his, "The 4 Wishes", 1986. I met him when I was selected for the Cannes Film Festival with my film "Your Face". He was a gentleman back then, and he is one now.

Me and Michel Ocelot - Photo courtesy of Sandrine Flament

I got up on stage and showed "Cheatin'", an excerpt, and the new "Guard Dog Global Jam", both were received very well and they gave me a wonderful reception.

Photo courtesy of Sandrine Flament

Photo courtesy of Sandrine Flament

For the first time of all my visits, the weather was fantastic – crystal clear blue skies. And I had the traditional moules (mussels) and frites (French fries).

If you're looking for a wonderful festival with a great vibe and terrific programming, then check out Anima Festival – I give it a 9 out of 10.

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  1. Haha, you had mussels in Brussels. If you'd just also met Van Damme, you could have had mussels with the Muscles from Brussels.