Thursday, March 24, 2011

Too Art for TV show this friday...

Erebuni Gallery will host the fifth annual showing of Too Art for TV , an exhibition featuring works from 40 animation industry artists. Animation is collaborative by necessity -- an animated production needs many skilled hands to come to life, and the creative contributions made by individuals become immersed in the whole. Teams of people who specialize in style adaptation, drawing, painting, movement, timing, and visual storytelling work together to bring about one coherent television episode or feature film. But due to shrinking budgets, tighter schedules, and increased workloads, artists in animation find themselves devoting all their creative energy to their jobs. As an annual event, Too Art for TV serves as a reminder that there is a space for the personal, idiosyncratic musings of the animation industry artist.

Martin Abrahams, Liz Artinian , Amanda Baehr-Fuller , Jennifer Batinich , Chris Beaumont , Robbie Busch , Jimmy Calhoun , Greg Condon , Kelly Denato , John R. Dilworth , Maya Edelman , Chris Fisher , Chris George , Paul Greer , Kaori Hamura , Jen Hill , KaNO, Christy Karacas , Peter J. Lazarski , Todd K. Lown , Richard Mather , Jessica Milazzo , Brad Mossman , Michael Mucci , Justin Offner , Laurie O'Brien, Chris Palesty , Deo Pangandoyon , Sasha Parmasad , Dan Pinto , Isam Prado
Lynne Pritchard , Chris Prynoski , Reject, Michael Ricca , Derek Rippe , Tim Shankweiler , Justin Simonich , Machi Tantillo , Martin Witti.  yes... MACHI TANTILLO!

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