Friday, September 3, 2010

New Studio..

A bit of a personal blog entry for today... After the premiere last June of "Masks" I spent my time building an animation/painting studio behind my house in Montauk, NY. I think that separation of church and state is key when it comes to your life and art.. and I didn't like my work stuff being in my living space. I now have a new respect for any type of builder, it is just so much more difficult than I could have imagined.. but.. it's pretty much done now. My highlights were figuring how to do the electric (i'm still so happy that the light came on when i flicked the switch the first time), learning how to frame ceilings and floors, hanging doors, insulation, etc... and finally creating special storage for the thousands of drawings that I have from my films.Above, I made a series of shelves out of scrap wood, and they came out pretty good.
New place above for my film prints, art supplies and sketchbooks. I built the place specifically to avoid humidity damaging artwork and film. Below, new home for one of my last "columns".

Moving in, above, I positioned my light table facing the wall, AWAY from looking at the water. We'll see if I can actually get any work done in this new place. later geeks.