Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bakshi Posters..

The Vaughn Bodé inspired movie poster for Bakshi's "Wizards"(1977) is a centrally composed masterpiece! I picked this non-repro bad boy up on Ebay for 20 dollars. Granted, the movie leaves a bit to be desired for the non-bakshi fan (I myself think it's brilliant). I'm not entirely sure about the Bode inspiration, to me it just seems obvious, perhaps one of our readers can chime in on that. I also have two drawings from the movie, one of the assassin, Necron 99, and one of the wizard Avatar lightin' up.In Contrast, I think the poster for "Cool World" is possibly one of the worst of all time. I got this one from Bakshi himself, but I was a little confused about how he "numbered" it with his signature.. I mean, there must have been thousands of these printed. hmmm. anyway, I'm actually one of the few people who liked "Cool World", my ridicule stops with the poster.


  1. I too enjoy Wizards. That was the film that introduced me to the work of Ralph Bakshi. I love the battle scenes in this movie. The mixture of rotoscope and cel animation makes the battles look truly look epic.

    There is a strong Bode influence in the film, particularly in the look of Peace.

    Would you mind doing a post on your opinion of Bakshi's work. I'm very interested to hear what you would have to say.

  2. hehe... I am in a Bakshi-phase right now. Just watched again 'Fritz the cat' and 'Heavy Traffic'... right now I am watching 'American pop' and then I finally have to watch 'Wizards' which I have never seen. I am looking forward to it, but its probably impossible to be better than 'Heavy Traffic', which has a certain amount of genius in it. :-D

  3. I've always had a soft spot for Bakshi. I even enjoy the Terrytoons shorts he directed (Sad Cat, Mighty Heroes, etc.) plus the few he did for the final days of Paramount's cartoon studio.